Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Today's Run

Today my workout consisted of a mile warm up, 3x1600 repeats with 2x800 jogs in between and a mile cool down.
1st mile: 7:17
2nd mile: 7:30 (struggled with this one)
3rd mile: 7:20 (redeemed myself)

Total miles: 6

Then, a nice walk with the dogs.

A little bit about my dogs:
(scroll down to see a little video)
What else do I love besides running, my family, and my boyfriend? My two little babies, Sampson and Jackson. Ok, they're not really babies and truly, only one of them is little, the other one is rather big.

Here's a little history about them:

Sampson a schnoodle (for those that don't know that's a schnauzer poodle mix) once lived on the harsh streets until he was jailed up in the pound. One day, I came in looking for a furry little friend to keep me company since, at the time, I lived by myself in an apartment and wanted some companionship. What had drawn me to my little Sampson was that he was the ugliest, dirtiest little doggie there. His hair was matted and he was covered in ticks and fleas so I adopted him (err as I like to say, bailed him outta dog prison), cleaned him up and give him a pretty awesome home. He is now groomed and tick and flea free after a long and difficult process of several deep cleaning baths.
He looks a little unhappy in this pic but one interesting thing about Sampson is that he always looks like he's upset because of the way his eyebrows are shaped. Kinda weird.
See? I'm not even holding him and he still looks unhappy.
My other dog, or rather my boyfriends dog that I claim as my own, is Jackson.
Jackson is a pretty awesome husky and has become best buds with Sampson.
Here they are snuggin. Pretty adorable if you ask me.
One thing about these two is that every time they see me put on my running shoes, they think I'm going to take them on a walk. If you're not familiar with huskies, they have a tendency to "talk" or howl which is pretty entertaining until it becomes annoying and Jackson uses it to his full advantage, roo-rooing around the living room until I give in to leashing him up and heading out the door. So now, no matter what, I have to walk these two after every run because even if I put them outside in the backyard they seem to use their dog sense to know when I'm lacing up the Asics and will cry and whine at the door. Relentlessly. No matter how tired I am.

I tried to get into the habit of walking them before I ran, but the ordeal of walking an ADD shnoodle that zig zags from side to side and a husky with a will to chase after and attempt to eat stray cats depletes my energy enough to expel any motivation that I may have had to run.

Here's a video from today of Jackson and his way of telling me that now that I'm done running, its his turn.

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  1. haha, when I played that video, my dog got up and was searching for a dog. Too cute!