Friday, March 11, 2011

Outside it is BEAUTIFUL!

Finally, it's starting to warm up here. Oklahoma is not supposed to be cold (at least in my mind) and I'm ready to be playing around in some 70 degree weather.

I ended up running 6 miles yesterday because I was feeling good and thought an extra mile would only make me stronger. Today I'm going to rest since I'm planning on running a 25k tomorrow morning. Maybe I'll do a little yoga or elliptical. Who knows.

Green thumb? I wish.
Now that we're getting into spring with full force its time for me to start working on my garden. One thing about me is that I do NOT like to plan. I don't even like to say the word, really.

So last year I tried to plant a garden and it failed miserably. My tomatoes (which I found out are supposed to be caged in one of those wire things) spread out everywhere taking over my squashes and cucumbers and everything else just died because I got too lazy to water and weed it daily, or even weekly.

I also never put up a barrier around it so the dogs went traipsing around it crushing the last living bits. Complete and utter disaster.

I did have some survivors in the form of flowers and random potted peppers though. 

See? This is one of two of my little knockout rose bushes that are STILL alive just not blooming yet!!!

I also successfully grew a pot of little hot peppers but wasn't quite sure what to do with them because I had forgotten the actual type after I planted them. 

So this year is going to be different. I'm going to PLAN PLAN PLAN and make an awesome garden that will actually grow veggies that I will use!

One day my backyard will look like this:

And I will take a picture of me standing happily in front of it just like I  stood in front of the hydrangeas (my favorite flower) at the Arboretum in Dallas last summer.
On another more serious note, my thoughts and prayers go out to those suffering in Japan after the massive earthquake. I am chilled to my bones after watching this film taken from the NY Times website. I can not imagine what the victims must be going through and it breaks my heart.

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