Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How about another post just for fun

Some days my body is just not into running. Example, today. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I have laid around all day falling in and out of sleeping and only getting out of bed to eat. Around 2:30 I finally got my lazy a** dressed and ready to run and fell into what I call running ADD. Here's what happened: 

I ran to a nearby park to warm up and thought about doing some 800s for my workout because there's a marked 400m path that circles a playground. Well, I knocked out one single 800 and felt like I was running in water. My mind kept saying "come on faster, faster" and my body just couldn't do it. It was very frustrating to say the least. To make it worse there were a bunch of small kids playing and the fear of me running into one and a momma coming after me was enough to make me change my mind about those 800s. 

So then I decided I'll just give myself a break and run easy for awhile. I ended up running easy for 18 min and found myself back in my front yard with the feeling of defeat. Sometimes you just have those days I guess. I had the elements against me (did I mention the horrible wind?) my body against me and my mind is against me. 

Lucky for me I have a family full of runners. My mom helped lift my spirits by making me a glass of fresh veggie juice made of celery, cabbage, and beets! Yum! 

This isn't the exact glass of veggie juice that I drank but it closely resembles it. I drank it before I could take a picture of it :/

And my amazing brother sensed my disappointment and offered to go on a 3 mile run with me. Back out into the wind I went but this time with his help I completed those 3 miles with hills and gusty winds and now I feel much more satisfied. In total I think I ran somewhere between 5-6 miles if you count my earlier warm up, 800, and jog home. 

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