Saturday, March 19, 2011

New running toys!!!

 Workout today: easy 6 miles in preparation for a long run tomorrow!

This morning I went to my local running store and spent all of my hard earned waitress money on some new running toys! I wonder if people would tip me more if I told them that it was going to such a good cause...

Here's what I bought:

An ultimate direction access waist pack 
which I will test out for my long run tomorrow. And yes, I did get a pink one.

A pink (to match my new waist pack) foam roller made by Pro-Tec that I have just tested out and love. Remember from a previous post that this was on my wish list of running gear?

Oh, and the guy that was helping me out said that this would be one of my best running gear purchases.
And lastly, an assortment of different Gu flavors so that I can test them all out and find out which one is my favorite.

I'm a little weary about the waist pack because I have never ran with one before so we'll see how it goes. Do any of you runners out there use them? I'm used to the old "hide your water in the bushes" tactic but I think its time to get with the new technology.

After my run I ate a PB&J sandwich with some chocolate milk and a banana. Oh and earlier I juiced...
Ingredients: cabbage, celery, spinach, carrots, apple
 Whoa, crazy girl on the loose with some veggie juice! 
 B (aka my boyfriend and photographer) is out of town so I awkwardly took pics of myself. I'm so cool. Especially without makeup.
I didn't even realize that I had my pinky up.


  1. Veggie juice is the best. Try purple cabbage. It is so good. Good luck on your long run. long as you keep forward momentum, you will get where you want to be.