Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No running tuesday

I had warned you yesterday that I was going to eat a ton of sushi and saki and that I did.

After B picked me up from my house we drove about 15 minutes to Allen, TX to this cute little shopping center jam packed with little restaurants and indulged in a bunch of different rolls with his mom and dad. We're pretty lucky that his parents usually take us out to dinner for sushi when we are in town since good sushi is so expensive and we can't exactly afford it on our own.

The night didn't end there, afterwards, we went to a pub called the Londoner and I got to drink my favorite mixed beer of hard apple cider and Harp (otherwise known as snakebite) and B ordered even more food because he wanted to try out the chips and curry, which I'm sure you can guess means a plate full of pub fries and curry sauce.

It's a good thing I did 40 min of cardio on the elliptical and some weights yesterday.

Now to today:

I have slept about 1/2 of the day already and it's not even because I went to bed late. In all actuality I went to bed extremely early (somewhere around 10:30-11ish). I'm going to blame it on little Sampson because he's been cuddling with me the whole time. It's hard to get up when you got that little fur ball resting on your tummy!

Now I'm going to go on what I'm hoping will be a 5 mile tempo run with a mile warm up and mile cool down. We'll see if thats what my body wants to do today.

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