Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lady Gaga!

Even though I'm no longer in school it doesn't mean I can't have a spring break, right?

Yesterday I woke up early (8:30AM early) and laid around the house until I drank enough coffee to get me moving and out the door for a 7 mile run.

It was freezing cold and windy (and I hate wind) but I still managed to finish in 58 minutes which was much better than I thought it would be. Surprisingly, I'm not even that sore from the 25k on Saturday! 

Then, B and I packed, showered and drove down to Dallas for me to see Lady Gaga with my mom and sister and for him to spend some quality time with his family. 
We started off the evening at Kenichi where my mom took her first ever tequila shot (sometimes I don't know how I am her daughter) and then we snacked on sushi and drank some more...much more. It was great. 

Lady Gaga was AMAZING! Even though we were up so high I had to squint to see her, I had a blast. 

Currently, it is around 3:30 and I've just had a bowl of peanut butter cup ice cream and am trying to will myself to go on an easy run. I don't even care how far I go, it could be just 3 miles, but I NEED to run. I'm going out to sushi tonight (again) with B and his parents and undoubtedly there will be saki and beer and so much food! Oh well, its my spring break. 

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