Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Runner's Knee

Since I had taken a long hiatus off of "official marathon training", we're talking somewhere around two years, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that all this mileage that I've been tracking is going to come back and haunt me. Sure enough, my knee is starting to bother me. Sure tell sign that I began doing too much too fast.

Not to worry, it isn't bad but I'm now having to ice it periodically after I run and throughout the day.

Monday, I didn't run since it was my rest day and instead I snuck into a nearby apartment complex's gym and did about 30 minutes of elliptical and some weights.

I wanted to make a new post yesterday but it was kind of a full day for me and also rather boring. First, I woke up early to get in a good run. Since my knee was still bothering me, I decided to take it easy and ran for about 45 minutes. Then I came home, juiced, and went to work.

Boring post, I know. I'll have some more interesting stuff up here shortly.

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