About Me

About Me: 
I am in my twenties (a little closer to 30 than 20) and although its been a few years since college, I am still trying to adjust to "grown up" life. As years go by, I find myself gradually waking up earlier and earlier and thus the same happens to my bedtime. 

I lived in Oklahoma from 4th grade through college and after graduating, decided to venture down to Dallas, TX for a new job with my fiance. Even though I was only 3.5 hours away from my old stomping grounds, I quickly realized that not having any friends close by was a real downer. 

One morning while B and I were walking our dogs through our neighborhood, I noticed a whole pack of runners training together. Being a runner for the majority of my life and longing for new kinship I decided I wanted to be just like them. After a few months of talking myself out of it, I finally bit the bullet and signed up for a training program with the Dallas Running Club (DRC). If not to get back into shape, I thought this might be a good opportunity to meet some people with similar interests. 

Turns out I met some of my closest friends in the training program. Running with friends is way better than running alone. An added bonus is having others that can talk running gear, share the same love for lululemon, and empathize with running related injuries (and chafing!). 

When I go out on a Friday night early evening, I'm no longer the first person to go home. AND, there are other crazy people that wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday to get in their long runs. 

Aside from my running club, I've made several new friends from my job and have settled quite nicely in the Big D. 

My Running History:
I first began running through the influence of my mom and step-dad who are, and continue, to be HUGE runners. I was one of those little kids you see racing my heart out to get through the 1 mile fun run at 5ks. When I was 8, my mom enrolled my older brother and I onto a club track team and I would run so hard on the 1500m race that I would cry every time I finished (I guess I was a little dramatic). I was never the fast kid, but I'll tell you one thing, I was still competitive and would fight hard for that 3rd place!

After my season on the kids track team, I went on a running hiatus until I finally agreed with my mom to go to one of the summer workouts with the high school cross country team right before my freshman year in exchange for a trip to the mall. It definitely took a lot of convincing because I wanted to be one of the "cool kids" and I didn't think being a cross country runner would get me there. But,  I went and I ran and thought I was going to die but kept going back. I ran cross country and track until I graduated four years later and continued to run (non-competitively) throughout college and here we are today!

While there have certainly been months where I have ran maybe as much as 3 miles, I somehow almost always come back and now I'm at it again to train for my 5th marathon. 

Race PR's:
Mile: 5:35 (while in high school)
5k: 21:00
Half Marathon: 1:37:36 (Rock and Roll, Dallas - 2014)
Marathon: 3:32:00 (Tulsa Route 66, Tulsa - 2013)