Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today I got to leave work at 3 because the center closed down due to the tornado threats... and I spent the next 2 hours with my eyes glued to the news.

We all know that Oklahoma is recognized as having tornadoes so let me ask you this, why doesn't every house have a basement? Only the wayyyy older houses have basements here and while my house is definitely not new, I do not have a basement.

When it got to be the point where it seemed like Norman (the town in which I live) was for sure going to get some tornadic weather, B and I hightailed it to the basement in a home of a wonderful lady that I work with and her family. Then another girl that I work with and her husband joined with their dog. Of course B and I brought Jackson and Sampson and along with the family's dog, it was a mad house!

All is good now and the dogs are sleeping safe and sound, but that was pretty rough!

In case you are not from around these parts, here's a video of what was supposed to be going directly through where I live. It's a miracle it stopped just in time!

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