Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

I was a french minor in college and still regret not taking Spanish.

There are several reasons why but here's just a few:

1. You can easily find someone to practice Spanish with here in Oklahoma
2. I LOVE Mexican food
3. I LOVE Mexican beer (Pacifico, Modelo, Dos XX)
4. Mexico has some amazing beaches I hope to visit one day
5. Tequila!!!
6. I could have had a lot more job prospects had I been able to speak Spanish
7. France is so expensive and thus more difficult to travel to
8. It's Cinco de Mayo and it would make it that much cooler if I knew the language

I wish I could think of two more reasons... oh well

So to celebrate this holiday- I've heard isn't even a big deal in Mexico (correct me if I'm wrong)- I went to lunch at Ted's and enjoyed a bowl of chicken tortilla soup and a chicken soft taco with atomic salsa. Since I was having to go back to work I put the cervesa on hold until later tonight. Maybe it will be a post yoga treat.

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