Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Party pics

I'm sorry but I came across this pic and I couldn't stop laughing. Please tell me it makes you laugh because I seriously snorted by myself in my cubicle. I wonder if it is because I have wanted to do this before?

Photos of my sisters bridal shower and bachelorette party:

My sister, my mom, and me. Remember when I was going to lose weight? Yeah, me too -oops.
I made those sashes though! Who would have thought I could be so crafty! Lizzie's says "bride-to-be" and my mom's says "mother of the bride"

Excited! I know my face is shiny and I look sweaty and gross but the truth is I was sweaty and gross. You try lugging bottles of water, liquor, beer, mixers, leis, decorations, cake, and sleeping bags up five floors - over and over again.

This would be our stretch blue hummer, driven by a wonderful man named Harold. We loved harold.

My favorite ice bucket. B's mom gave us this for the house awhile ago and it lights up in pretty colors. Hello beer!

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