Friday, June 24, 2011

I successfully completed another lunch time workout and this time I ran on the treadmill for 35 minutes at disappointingly slow pace. I just barely reached four miles. The funny thing about running is that if you don't keep at it consistently, it'll all just go out the window in a matter of a week. So, I'm back to building up my speed.

In other news, I'm stressed to the max about planning my sister's bachelorette party - did I mention it is TOMORROW? So, I got half of the day off from work in order to get down to McKinney early and finish up some things tonight with the help of my mom. Yes, she'll probably make me run with her and will definitely make me some delicious vegetable juice in the morning. Aren't moms great?

The bad news is that I'll be leaving my precious little schnoodle with B for the weekend. This dog is like my child and spending the weekend apart from him is going to be rough. Hopefully B will cuddle with him each night like I always do. 

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  1. ooook i love my little dog like my child too! and am always sad when i have to be gone. haha!