Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tummy ache

I still haven't gotten a good run in since my last post. It's a bit discouraging because I was on a consistent workout regimen until recently and I'm afraid I have lost all of the endurance that I had worked so hard at building up. I seem to have come down with an odd stomach bug though which has kept me in bed the past two days. Yesterday I thought for sure it was the flu because I was achy, had the chills, and had no appetite. Today I still don't have an appetite and am just soooooo tired! Thankfully I have my 2 wonderful dogs that don't mind cuddling with me in bed all day, pretty sure they actually prefer it.

B did get me out of bed for a little bit with the allure of going to Sam's to look at all of the gardening stuff yesterday. Hopefully we'll start working on that sometime this week since I'll be in Denver all next week.

Hopefully tomorrow I will be all better and maybe the wind will decide to die down so I can get back on track with running.

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