Friday, April 8, 2011

Jobs and Life Plans

I feel like I've been on one gigantic summer vacation except all alone!

It's been pretty boring to say the least but I gotta say I have really bonded with the dogs. We hang out all day together, going on walks, hanging in the backyard, laying around in bed... we've even developed a pretty strong sense of communication. But luckily for them and for me my vacation is almost over! Tuesday morning B is dropping me off at the airport for my 4 days of pre service training in Denver and then I get to start my job. FINALLY!

I know my life sounds completely lame right now because it definitely feels lame to me. I guess I just have to remember to be patient. Patience is something I am not gifted with. As soon as I graduated I expected to land an amazing job dealing with foreign affairs and traveling the word. Ha! Yeah right! With no experience except for my college degree in international studies, I found out my "dream job" was a little out of reach. And then I looked at my actual job, as a waitress, and thought about how much I hated it, how every time I stepped into that door and saw the crusty old owner I wanted to turn around and break for it. It was my desperate need to quit that place that put me into job search overhaul and made every rejection letter debilitating.

So, I went completely haywire. I started re-evaluating my life plan. I thought that maybe I should go back to school for nursing or something health related because I would have no problem finding a job then! Or even becoming a teacher because I have plenty of friends who have gotten jobs at that! I even almost accepted an offer in telecommunications software sales. Say wha? It took a lot of convincing from friends and B to tell me to chill out, that I just needed to wait a little longer and work a little harder to get where I really want to be. It's probably a benefit to the rest of the world because I would honestly make a horrible nurse and an even more horrible teacher. I decided I need to look at things as rungs (are they called rungs?) on a ladder and take small steps towards the direction I want to go. This is where I am now. I would say I'm on the second rung with the AmeriCorps job because completing my degree would probably mark the first rung. So yeah, this is where I'm at. The second rung of a 100 ft ladder. Great.

As for my workout yesterday, I changed it up a bit. The day before I went on a short and sweet 30 min run and it felt like my legs had 10lb weights attached so I decided I would visit the gym and do the elliptical and weights. Then I went home and took a walk with B and then another one with the dogs because the weather was so gorgeous. I'm going back down to Dallas later today because my mom's birthday is Monday and we're celebrating it over the weekend. So Happy Birthday to my mom!

Here's a pic from about 2 years ago of us the afternoon after we completed the Dallas WhiteRock Marathon. I was having to work that night and had to drive 3 hours back home. Not the best way to recover.

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