Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Early run!

I finally got up early this morning to run! I have been making this attempt for the last 6 business days but without success because of my undeniable snooze button. On top of that, it felt great! The weather was crisp and cool and there was absolutely no wind. Not the typical weather for the end of March, here in Oklahoma! It was about time for me to get in a good run, too. The OKC Memorial Marathon is this Sunday but I'm only going to do the half since I've slacked off so much. It's going to suck when I reach the point where the half marathoners break from the full marathoners. I always enjoyed that point in the marathon because it made me feel way more hardcore than those poor halfers.

Unfortunately, I just found out that tomorrow I will have to be at work an hour earlier than usual and since I already go to work each morning at 8:30 I think I will reserve time for an afternoon run. Hopefully after the half marathon on Sunday my motivation will be back were it was when I started this blog because my last few posts have been rather lame.

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