Friday, April 22, 2011


It has been so long since I've posted and I feel like so many things have happened. I went to Denver for my PSO and met a bunch of really awesome people and even got to check out the town a bit. I also discovered how difficult it is to run in such a high altitude. I woke up early one morning to get in a run on the treadmill since it was snowing outside (in March? What?) and could barely make out a ten minute mile. I was so out of breath I thought I had lost function of one of my lungs. To be quite honest, that really made me not want to run very much on this trip and since I've been home I've only ran once so I'm now thinking of just doing the OKC Memorial half marathon. Boo.

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  1. Hey Erica,

    I've always found running on a dreadmill difficult, never mind doing it at altitude. Everyone has the same issue until you can acclimate to it. Sounds like you didn't get a chance to. I would pass it off as a good attempt, like running in snowshoes and leave it at that.

    Now you have to get back in the saddle and not let that experience deter you from just enjoying running and training.

    BTW, doing a half marathon is good too. Now go get'em.