Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Weekend and the Juice Disaster

Last weekend my sister just happened to get married!
Yes that's me holding her 15 lb bouquet looking on happily as they share their first kiss as husband as wife! Isn't my sister beautiful???

(I will hopefully be able to add more pictures later on)

Basically it happened to be the best wedding I've ever been to. Not only was the place absolutely gorgeous, with real glass drinkwear (classy!) and highly attentive servers, the dj played some pretty amazing jams! Me and my entire family were dancing fools, especially my older brother who pulled out moves I'd never seen before! We partied until they kicked us out at 12:30 and we sent away my sis and new brother in law away in their limo with bubbles.

Oh yeah, I caught the bouquet as B looked on in shock and disbelief. My defense: I had had one too many shots of tequila, beer, wine, and champagne under my belt and I couldn't stand the thought of one of her not-so-deserving bridesmaids to get it. So there I was standing front in center as I swapped it out of the air. When I realized what I had done I attempted to pass it on to my little brothers girlfriend who refused to take it. So I'm stuck with it and I guess B is stuck with me! Luckily, as my mom said, there isn't a time frame on it :)

On another note, B and I have developed a new habit! We've been juicing up veggies every morning for the past 3 weeks. I've noticed a lot of changes with this. First of all, I no longer need coffee (!). For reals. I NEVER thought I would say this but I have successfully managed to wean myself off of caffeine. Now, it took a few days and I did have a couple of headaches but I have seriously not needed any type of pick me ups since I began drinking fresh veggie juice on a regular basis. Not only that, my appetite has decreased. I find that I no longer crave sweets or fattening foods like I used to. So, despite my mimosa, beer, champagne, and wine binge all weekend, I didn't gain a pound! You should have seen me when I stepped on that scale Monday morning shocked and in disbelief.

As for the taste of veggie juice, I love it. Er, most of it. This morning I decided to venture out and try new veggies. This led me to throw in a daikon radish into the mix which has caused my first veggie juice blunder. After I went through red kale, cucumber, tomato, carrots, celery and an apple I thought that a little radish won't hurt, right? WRONG! I drank the thing just because I didn't want wasted goodness but OMG it upset my stomach and left a horrible funky taste in my mouth for hours. That will be the last time I add radish to juice.

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