Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The good and bad about having a mom who runs

My mom began running in her mid-thirties. Now, over twenty years later, she's still a running maniac.

What's nice about having a mom who runs? 
I can call her up any day and say "hey mom, what do you think I should run today?" and she'll know the exact workout that will kick my sorry butt into gear.

The bad? 
The fact that my mom kills me in workouts. I suppose this could be seen as both good and bad. Good because I get a good workout, bad because my mom is showing me up.

Example: I told her one day I was going on my long run, 13 miles. Afterwards, I texted her to let her know how I did and her response was that she did 14...

She's so funny. I love my mom. 

My mom on the left, sister in the middle, me on the right. We are wearing our Pakistani tunics for my sister's wedding rehearsal.

Don't be fooled, my sister is wearing heels and I'm in flip flops. I'm usually the tallest!
Anyways, the point of this is that my mom and I decided we would begin training for the Tulsa marathon this year and to start, we should run for one hour at a slow pace. Now, it's been awhile for me (like 3-4 months) since I've ran longer than 35 minutes - the heat here doesn't help, people! So, this morning I got up early to beat the heat and get this hour long run over with. Unfortunately, I only made it to 50 minutes. I'm clearly in no shape for marathons at the moment. Don't you worry, my mom ran her whole hour and informed me that we need to make it an hour and fifteen minute run next week. Here's to marathon training.

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