Friday, August 26, 2011

Last night I was super bored. B had a night class from 7 to 10 and the Jersey Shore wasn't going to be on for another three hours! So what did I do?

1. Internet shopped - really, I browsed since I'm always too broke to buy anything. (new fav. store is and

Who wants to buy me a pair of these boots  size 9.5? I know, I know, I've got some big feet.

2. Began my new book, "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson (who is getting a bunch of backlash for allegedly providing a bunch of inaccuracies in his books - I found this out after I bought it)
3. And lastly, decided enough was enough and laced up my running shoes and went for a run

My run consisted of an easy 50 minutes. Since it was getting dark I decided to keep my run around the campus area because they have much better lighting and also SPRINKLERS!!! I just love to run through some sprinklers, especially when they are humongous football field sized ones that drench you after one hit. It was pretty fun, not gonna lie, and it pretty much made my night. Its the little things, ya know?

I'm also pretty proud of myself because I cooked a fabulous dinner last night. It consisted of rice, vegetarian "meat" crumbles, and chickpeas stuffed bell peppers and oven "fried" okra.
It was all pretty simple to make. For the stuffed bell peppers, I cut them in half and then in a separate pan sauteed up some chopped garlic, threw in the morningstar "meat" crumbles, pre-made wild rice and a rinsed and drained can of chickpeas. I added salt, pepper, and a little cumin and then stuffed the pepper, topped it with shredded cheese and put in all in the oven at 400 degrees until I decided it was done enough. Easy.

As for the okra, I had no idea what to do with it all after B decided to buy a whole bag of it from the farmers market last Saturday. The only kind of okra I've ever eaten (and enjoyed) is fried okra and I wasn't about to make that!

So what I did was cut the okra into bite sized pieces, dip them in egg beaters and cover with gluten free bread crumbs. Then I salt and peppered them and throw those babies into the oven with the bell peppers until they looked crispy.

Dessert happened to be half of a vegan nut and chocolate chip cookie and some spoonfuls of vanilla ice cream that was stashed in the fridge from when B's parents came to visit. It was bliss.

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