Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New shoes!

I did it.

That's right.

I bought some shoes.

I just broke down and dug into my wee-bit of savings to purchase some new Asics GT-2170s. Oh what a beaut! The color is even called Tahiti which makes my purchase substantiated since, hey, if I can't go to Tahiti for spring break, I'll do the next best thing and buy running shoes in spring break colors....

I just couldn't deal with my shin-splint-causing, over-a-year-and-a-half-old shoes anymore. Unfortunately, I ordered them online so that I could find the best price, which means the old ones will have to be used again for tonight's run because we're having 80 degree weather! I just can't resist letting this beautiful weather pass without making the most of it. Remember the last post when I said I'd boycott until Oklahoma's weather improved? Well, luckily for me Oklahoma weather changes every day. Literally.

I got a 4-miler in last night at an extremely slow pace, but the OKC Memorial Marathon is in the back of my mind and I'm hoping I can at least run the half. Maybe once my new kicks arrive I can get in some really good workouts.

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