Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lately it has been so hard to get out and run. My first problem is that my shoes are almost a year old - ancient in running shoe years - and thus the root of my shin splints that I'm currently suffering from. I really need some new ones, but we all know those don't come cheap and I haven't exactly been able to factor it out of my AmeriCorps salary. I keep thinking just a little bit longer and I'll have an actual paying job which means I can update the ol' wardrobe. And I keep waiting and waiting some more. You know I haven't bought a new sports bran in over 3 years? Unfortunately, car maintenance (my breaks are just about shot), rent and food remain higher on the priority list.

My second problem is the fact that the wind is terrible! Whoever came up with the lyrics, "OOOOOOklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plains" candy-coated what Oklahoma really experiences. It's rarely ever a nice soft breeze; it's the kind of wind that'll knock your own wind out of your chest. It'll kick up all the dirt on the ground and throw into your eyes while, at the same time, your hair gets blown out in all directions. And, if you naively decided to wear a dress? You poor, poor thing.

To make matters worse, it spurs the onset of a relentless bout of allergies. I've been taking zyrtec, allegra, and even local honey, but my eyes still hurt and my whole face feels congested.

Running in this kind of wind is just plain miserable. I decided to boycott until Oklahoma decides to have better weather.

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