Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yoga in the A.M.

5:00AM rolled around way too early this morning. After hitting the snooze button twice, I finally rolled myself outta bed, got dressed in the dark, carefully trying not to wake B. Then I stumbled through the dark house trying to locate my keys, phone, water bottle, yoga mat and yoga towel. 

In the light from the kitchen I did a quick double check. Got everything on correctly. Nothing inside out. Good to go. 

I blasted my spotify to wake myself up while driving to pick up my sister about 10 min away. Coffee sounded so good. I passed by a Starbucks looking longingly, imagining a nice hot cup of brewed coffee and cream. Luckily, my willpower held out. A rare occurrence.

I got to my sister's, picked her up and we made our way to my favorite yoga studio. 

This was my first try at vinyasa yoga in the AM. I usually go in the evening because it puts me right to sleep. I should have known it would do the same thing in the morning.

The room was so cozy and warm. While waiting for class to start, I laid on my mat, closed my eyes and thought of snoozing through the next hour. Hard wood floors had never felt so comfortable.

I kept trying to make myself be "present", at least that's what the instructor kept saying, "be present in your practice". Translation for me: don't doze off. My poses were wobbly, my body was extremely tight, but I still got that warm fuzzy feeling after I was finished. 

Running or even Bikram Yoga is great for getting me up and going in the morning. It could have been the beer from the night before or staying up 30 minutes later than normal to catch the end of on of my Real Housewives episodes that kept me so groggy. Eh, I'll give it another try. It was nice to get it over with in the morning, but I do enjoy those evening yoga classes. 

No running for me today. I was on call at my second job and they're making me work tonight. I took up a second job on top of my full-time job to help with wedding $$$. I'd much rather enjoy this beautiful weather we're having here in Dallas, TX. Its 83 degrees and sunny! 

This was a short post, but I'm getting back in the groove of things. 

I failed to mention that I have 16 days until I become a married lady. 

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