Monday, October 17, 2011

Where have I been?

I've missed my blogging, not gonna lie. I've also missed running but my motivation was gone. Literally it went kapoof! That seems to be a recurring theme with me. But who ever said running was easy?

Until the weekend. 

A while ago my mom got me a Nike attachment for my ipod shuffle and I finally decided to use it. On Saturday, I decided to just ease back into the whole running and ran for 3 miles at an easy pace. Then Sunday came and I thought, hey maybe I should go to the university track and see if I can bust out some 800s. Since, ya know, I'm all out of shape and all that turned out to be not so fun. 

Warm up: easy 400m

For my first 800, I was going at my casual, easy running pace until I remembered that this was supposed to be a fast workout and it was supposed to hurt. By the second 800, I was hurting. Third 800 I wanted to quit and go home. Fourth 800 I thought my lungs were giving out... 

Then I did an easy 400m cool down.

Oh yeah, I did 10 burpees in between each set. 

(total: 3 miles) 

Now to the other exciting part of my weekend. 

B went out of town to go to the Rangers game in Arlington, TX with his family. So, I invited two of my friends over and we drank wine (lots of it) and carved pumpkins for Halloween. 

And here is our final product (after emptying about 3.5 bottles of vino) 
Mine is the witch on the far right. I accidentally cut parts that I wasn't supposed to so it turned out to look like it is either playing the guitar or holding a ninja sword. 

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