Friday, June 28, 2013

New beginning

Still cannot believe I waited so long to keep up the ol' blog.

So much can happen in a year.

I moved to Dallas and started all over, completely from scratch. I didn't have many friends and was always getting lost. And the traffic - don't even get me started.

But I survived and Dallas has become my home.

B has and continues to be my rock. My first couple of months in Dallas were a little rough. B had to finish working up in Oklahoma and wasn't able to move down with me. So, I moved down alone in an unfamiliar house with little to no furniture and had to get acclimated to my 45-50 minute commute. OHH that commute - that was torture.

Slowly we fixed up the house, acquired new furniture and B finally moved down. He accepted a job at a nearby university and for the first time, we both had full-time salaries with real, adult benefits. LOVE BENEFITS. I made a point to get checkups for everything: Dentist, Allergy Specialist, Gyno, Chiropractor, Dermatologist, ENT, you name it. It can now be documented that I'm a super healthy girl...I really did have a great benefit package.

Over Thanksgiving B did something remarkable. He completely threw me for a surprise when he proposed to me. I HAD NO IDEA. He, apparently, had secretly planned it out for months. After 3.5 years of dating he was actually able to sneak something by me. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life. 

Springtime brought some more changes. We got a new puppy, I transitioned into a new job (that I love), and we finally agreed on our wedding date. :)

Can't wait for May 31, 2014.

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