Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I'm officially signed up for the OKC Memorial Marathon that is taking place April 29.

I have 25 days to prepare.

With that in mind I started with a 6 mile run on Monday at an 8:45 min pace. Yesterday, I cross-trained with a P90X dvd (core synergisitcs, I believe?) and finished the night drinking Pacifico's and eating a veggie burger at the Garage with friends.

The plan for my workout today is to complete a 6 mile tempo run. (1mile warm-up, 4 miles @ 8:07-8:15, and 1mile cool-down). I'm probably going to head to the track for this one.

I've also decided to challenge myself even more by refraining from eating sugar. Not so easy with bags of Easter candy sitting at home! Luckily, I have volunteers that like free stuff and they gladly accepted my candy during Monday and Tuesday's tutoring sessions. Most of it is gone, but since I'm not the only one living at the house, I didn't think my bf and his brother would be happy with me if I got rid of all of it.

In other exciting news, I will be an aunt on Monday! My little brother is going to be such a great dad and I'm so excited! The soon-to-be momma is scheduled to be induced in 5 days. The photo below was taken after the baby shower. Notice my bro's face is a little scratched up? He had a long-boarding accident...


  1. Hey Erica,

    Boy, you sure aren't giving yourself a lot of preparation time for that race. But I'm sure you can finish it. Have you ever done or heard of those walk/run marathon plans? That just might be your best approach given your time table. There's a Jeff Galloway plan that's been written up in Runner's World before, but I can't remember what issue. It was a number of years ago. Congrats on the soon-to-be auntie!

  2. Thanks for the tip, Ken! I will definitely check into the Jeff Galloway plan. Luckily, my mom will be running it with me and we've agreed that we'll walk when we need to and take it slow. Probably won't be making any PR's, but I'll be happy to finish :)